Let’s face our fears

The way we currently use AI affects all aspects of our lives. Critically reflect on your own concerns and take part in the Ideathon & Hackathon on 13.01.-14.01.2024.

Support Ukraine!

In the long term, AI will change our society on many different levels, but we are already seeing the impact on the war in Ukraine. Every donation helps Ukraine to defend itself against a terrible attack by Russia and to win the war


Below you will find the most important information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Challenge I

Take an in-depth look at a problem related to artificial intelligence and work with your team to find a creative and informative way to reach people.


Join online via Zoom or take part on-site at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam


Anyone can join in! Don’t hesitate because you feel you lack technical skills or are not addressing the societal issues – resources will be provided.

Challenge II

How can we use an AI to provide knowledge and insights about AI? Personalize a model through prompt engineering or fine-tuning of a model


13.01.2024: 10-18 p.m.- challenge time

14.01.2024: 15-17 p.m. – judging


You have the chance to win €1000 (sponsored by HPI) and the opportunity to present your idea in an online course if you wish

„Rather, artificial intelligence is both embodied and material, made from natural resources, fuel, human labor, infrastructures, logistics, histories, and classifications. AI systems are not autonomous, rational, or able to discern anything without extensive, computationally intensive training with large datasets or predefined rules and rewards. ”


Crawford, K. (2021). Atlas Of AI. Yale University Press. p.8